Sri Lanka

Employer Process


The first step towards recruitment will be to let us know about your staffing requirements to enable us to search through our database for potential candidates and advertising campaigns will be scheduled if relevant candidates are not found in our database.

Our recruitment procedure is in lie with the The Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) under the Act No. 21 and amended by Act No. 4 of 1994 and Act No.56 of 2009. The set of documents has to be attested by the Chamber of commerce in the country of origin and by the Embassy of Sri Lanka in the country of origin.


Sourcing of candidates, Screening, Interviewing & Selections.

We will search our database to find candidates as per the job description and specification provided by our clients and if we do not find quality and promising candidates we will schedule for the job advertising campaign and later pre-screen and filter only the relevant candidates as per our clients’ requirements to enable our clients to get access to the applications in order for them to schedule for an interview either through web conferencing or direct interviewing.

Trade testing and evaluation will be arranged for the relevant candidates and if needed can be evaluated in the presence of clients’ evaluation team.

Once the candidates has been well evaluated, the selected candidates will be offered with the offer letter or letter of appointment.

Medical Fitness Screening & Visa Process

All selected candidates will be referred for a comprehensive medical fitness screening by a certified medical center by the relevant country’s embassy in Sri Lanka or Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment.

Necessary documentation will be presented for the visa stamping process as per the requirements of the relevant country of hiring or the embassy.

Final Emigration Process

Candidates are required to sign the contract agreement at the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment and later registered with the relevant authority as well as provide insurance coverings for the recruited candidates while simultaneously schedule for their travel itinerary and the hiring company will be notified of the candidates’ arrival.

Recruitment Cost

All costs relevant to the recruitment will be invoiced to the hiring company if to be re-reimbursed or to the candidate. The invoiced costs are Medical screening, Trade testing & evaluation if applicable, Government Registration and Insurance fee, Visa processing fee and other applicable charges relevant to the recruitment. Our service charges are always marked up on the total recruitment costs to offer our clients with cost minimization and to offer them a competitive edge with our lower recruitment service charges compared to the industry average in Sri Lanka.

Our procedures can always be monitored and tracked by our clients and will be provided with regular updates on their recruitment. The whole recruitment process takes a maximum guaranteed period of 60 days and can be minimized to 30 days through fast tracked processes and visa processing from the day of receiving the required documents. We are always at your call with our high performance, quality and satisfying recruiting solutions from Sri Lanka.