Job Detail


Job Detail

Accountant (Limo & Chauffeur Services)

Versatile Consultancy DMCC

Full Time

Job description

Accountant (Limo & Chauffeur Services)

Job Brief:


 Limo & Chauffeur Services, Dubai, UAE



No. of Requirement:



AED 4000 – 4500

Note: Candidates must have a work experience within a Travel Company or Agency.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Oversee all accounting functions. This includes operation and augmentation of the comprehensive accounting system for the various, complex, inter-related programs.
  • Oversee budgetary accounting and, as required, exercises authority to commit the station to fiscal and accounting administrative actions involving the RO’s funds and accounts.
  • Assist in preparing and maintaining financial budgets, enforces compliance with good accounting principles and maintenance of all series of accounting records.
  • Conduct internal audits and test audits to verify the validity and accuracy of accounting records and reports. Responsible for establishing and monitoring a system of internal controls to prevent over-obligation of funds, omission of obligation, or obligation of funds at a rate that would cause untimely exhaustion of station funds and violate the provisions of the Anti-Deficiency Act.
  • Report to management any omission or misstatement of obligations that may be considered delinquent obligations or any apparent statutory violations.
  • Develop and implements electronic applications and spreadsheets within the division and the RO; and prepares SAOs, internal control reviews and other division reports.
  • Analyze pertinent accounts, furnishes information for management that may provide the basis for establishing RO policies or corrective action with respect to rates of expenditures and determination of charges to be made for services furnished; and provides analytical and organizational expertise for all division activities, including financial, budgetary and administrative.

Job Responsibilities:

Minimum Experience:

 1 – 2 years within the UAE






 ACCA or Equivalent

Nationality: Philippines

Minimum Qualification: ACCA or Equivalent

Work Experience: 2 Years

Salary: 4000 – 4500

This job is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Contact the job poster

Deeksha Gandotra

Director- Versatile Group

Job Poster Location: Dubai

Seniority Level


  • Accounting, Auditing & Tax

Employment Type

Full Time

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